We can’t guarantee everything we show on Reconsider News is always totally factually correct.

Is it strange we said that?

No one outlet has all the answers, or can claim to be. Mainstream media is politicised, infected by negative corporate forces pushing for agendas against the many, but for the few. Disinformation and spin is rife. Information is distorted, we all suffer a self filtering system. There exists many dark forces that exist to distort and ridicule information which is seen out of the main stream. We all should consider why is it being so vehemently ridiculed at or surpassed, could it be there is an element of truth in it?

Society shapes us to act, talk, and think a certain way. Secrecy is packaged as a positive thing, a paradigm that exists to keep us safe. We disagree, we view secrecy as a controlling mechanism, that benefits a small cross section of society. All we do know, is that the world has suffered from to much secrecy, overwhelming levels inequality, suppression of information concerning humanities origins, free energy the nature of space and time, and whether we are alone in the universe.

History is littered with examples of alternative thinkers, doers who push against the mainstream consensus for the good of humanity.

For the moment Reconsider News is a News aggregator, a curator or information you may not hear about or see on western mainstream outlets. But we have aspirations to expand and create our own content. Reconsider News is still very much in its infancy. We have no idea how this will begin or end.

It’s up to you, to read and be open to all forms of information, join the dots, form your own opinion. Hopefully Reconsider News can help you on your journey. We believe a positive future awaits us, but for now we are in struggle for every individual to realise the true nature of reality and our purpose.